About Us

We are a team of experts that specializes in creating an environment that allows you to focus on your business and clients, while we manage your IT, Compliance and Cyber Protection.

More than Just IT

Sunset Technologies is a comprehensive provider that specializes in custom technology solutions with a focus on compliance and cyber security protection. We are a proven leader in the managed IT and compliance provider market.

Sunset’s full team of professionals can offer you a customized experience to maximize your IT efficiency and enhance your bottom line. The company looks at every client as a partner and an organization with which it desires a long-standing business relationship based on excellent service and trust.

Sunset’s Technology Experts

Sunset Technologies employs a large staff of highly qualified computer technicians who are trained to identify, and quickly, resolve the most common computer and peripheral issues that customers experience. For the times when a customer’s IT issues are significantly more complex or business-critical, we have dedicated specialists on staff who can, and will, do whatever it takes to get the problem resolved.

Keeping you Moving Forward

Sunset customers find that our technicians can correct many IT issues though remote-access service, which offers our clients expediated service, so they can get back to their clients. However, some IT problems require a hands-on fix. When this occurs, and clients need on-site service, our professional and courteous technicians come prepared to resolve the issue and stay until any issues have been resolved and tested to the client’s satisfaction.

Patrick Jacobwith

Patrick Jacobwith, J.D., has 30 years of general business and practice management experience to share. Throughout his career, Patrick has played critical roles in many successful operations but has always believed his most significant accomplishments stemmed from developing people. As the CEO of Sunset Technologies, he brings a clear vision of the future to the multi-state organization. In addition, Patrick's healthcare experience, a Certified HIPAA Professional, and a licensed attorney all aid Sunset's clients in unique and varied ways. Patrick holds a B.S. in economics from the University of Minnesota and a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Minnesota.

Brad Kerr
Founder, CFO

It is the potential for improvement in the field of dental technology that has kept Brad Kerr in it for nearly twenty years. When he first launched on his own in 2005 with Kerr Technology Solutions; he saw problems in the industry he felt he could solve. Brad wanted to build a company to integrate hardware and software solutions that would take ownership of issues for his clients. In 2008, he merged Kerr Technology Solutions with Sunset Technologies, and took on the role of CFO. Brad’s favorite part of working with clients is empowering them to recognize technology must work for them. He’s happy to do whatever it takes to solve any technology problem a dental office faces.