COVID-19 Updates for your Practice

March 23, 2020


Dear Sunset Customer,


Hi, my name is Patrick Jacobwith, and I am the CEO of Sunset Technologies. This is a message to our customers during this unprecedented time.

We understand you have been given guidance to be open only for emergencies. We know that many of you are running with limited staff and have let your other team members stay home for safety reasons. We also understand, based on the Department of Homeland Security, that dentists and information technology are considered essential businesses.


Please know at Sunset we are continuing to support your practices.

As you have daily needs from seeing emergency patients, we stand ready to support those needs just like any other day. In addition, we will continue to keep your environments updated and secure.


Examples of our continued efforts include:


  • We are manning the phones 24/7/365
  • We have remote technicians ready to assist
  • Our entire team is now working from home or a safe remote site
  • If needed, we can send a person onsite (using protocols to avoid contact with your team or patients and using gloves, etc.)
    • Also, for anyone who may come in contact with our team: our team is getting screened each day and if there is a risk that a person is sick or somehow in contact with others that are sick, they will be asked to stay home


  • Cyber-attacks are on the rise, partly tied to this pandemic. Cybercriminals are banking on businesses letting their security protocols relax…we will not let this happen. If these services are part of your current plan with us, we will:
    • Continue to provide daily patch updates which keep your software safe and secure
    • Continue to patch/update your hardware to keep the equipment safe and secure
    • Continue to monitor your environments 24/7 and will act if we are alerted to an issue
    • Continue to make sure your back-ups are current and safe
    • Continue to monitor our environment and make sure to keep updating and protecting all possible access points that might affect you or us.


Also, please know if you have other needs that we may be able to assist with, call and we will do our very best to help.

I will be sending updates each day to all of you. We have also set up a resources page on our website for your use and to help with questions you may have.


Thank you all for your business and please know you can Rest Assured knowing that we are here for you and we will together see this crisis through to its end.


Patrick Jacobwith, CEO

Sunset Technologies


“REST ASSURED” with Sunset Technologies.

Call Sunset Technologies at (855) 861-8833 or visit us online at

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