Solution Services: Fee Offset Program

More Than Your IT Company

A program that could help pay for some – if not all – of your sunset services? Too good to be true? We are doing this with clients right now. Why can’t it be you?

This Fee Offset Program is one of the easiest and best things we’ve done. Sunset’s Team took care of everything. I provided the information they needed, signed a few documents, and started receiving my money! There were no issues, no trouble, no stress, and a huge reward. The timing couldn’t have been better either; with no revenue during COVID, this refund is exactly what my practice needed –Sunset took care of it and my practice. - Dr. Michael Miskovich

How We Help

Sunset Technologies is Your Business Partner

Why haven’t you heard of this before? This is an extremely specialized program with which most accountants are not familiarized. The problem is 85% of the credit went to the largest companies in America, instead of the Small to Medium Businesses that it was meant to help.


Why? Because they applied for it. That is all.

We Make it Simple

We help you through each and every step. You know what to expect before submitting your amended return. Imagine, your yearly tax credits could pay for your Sunset IT, Compliance, and Security services.

This is an EXCLUSIVE OFFER just for you through Sunset Technologies. We are excited for you to take advantage of this program; with zero risk and 100% Potential.


We want you to succeed. We want to be your Business Partner.

We want you to be Rest Assured.

Fee OffSet Program FAQ

How do I know I will receive my check?

Everyone that has completed the process has received their checks. They are sent directly from the Federal Government and State Governments.

Will this trigger an audit?

No, this is not a trigger event for an audit. The process requires a manual IRS Manager Review. This means there is no reason to audit their own process and people later. Our team stands behind our work 100% and will manage any issues for you, that arise from this process.

Why doesn’t my accountant know about this or do this for me?

This is a specialized aspect of the tax code and requires a specialist to manage it. Similar to the difference in an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist to a general Dentist. You will need to continue to work with your accounting firm, we partner with your accounting firm during the process.

How does this apply to me?

The credit applies to any taxpayer that incurs expenses for performing Qualified Research Activities (QRA). The top reason is because you are a client of Sunset Technologies. This means you pay for services that include the continual use of technology for your practice. Some of these services, and other QRAs, include:
Paid employees
Cloud based back up
NEA Fast Attach Electronic Claims
Scheduling Software
Communication Software
Digital Impression
CT Scan Software
Cerec Crowns
Ordering Software
Intra Oral Photos
Intra Oral Videos
You are involved in Study Groups or Associations that continue your research and education

We Go Beyond IT.

We do whatever we can to make sure our clients are Rest Assured.