Individual Technology Assessment

Detailed Description – Understanding the Results

Would you like to learn more about where you fall on the Technology Literacy Grid? Take the Independent Technology Assessment Quiz HERE and review where you land below.

The assessment measures your literacy of technology and your attitude regarding it. The results help us, and you, understand why you make the decisions you do when it comes to technology.

There are two general areas that we are attempting to understand that shape a person’s value of technology. This includes Literacy and Attitude (including affinity).

Literacy is simply a general understanding of technology. This includes all things technological, not simply computers, servers, etc. Measures of Literacy tend to be more straightforward. However, we find that many people overestimate their technological Literacy.

Attitude is a much more difficult measure. In this assessment we are measuring a few aspects of Attitude.

Attitude has been a central construct in social psychology for decades, applied to consistencies and differences in behavior. An attitude is a psychological tendency that is expressed by evaluating a particular entity with some degree of favor or disfavor. Researchers Ajzen and Fishbein see attitude as an index of the strength of how much a person likes or dislikes something or their own behavior concerning that thing. Ajzen noted that there is agreement that attitudes are summary evaluations of a psychological object in dimensions such as good–bad, harmful–beneficial, pleasant–unpleasant and likeable–dislikeable. For this assessment, affinity (considered an attitude) is defined as positive affect towards technology (in general).

The scores for Literacy and Attitude are reflected within a four-quadrant plot as outlined below.







Literacy/Attitude Translation

Optimist – High level attitude, Low level of literacy. Willing to try technology and accept guidance.
Innovator – High level attitude, High level of literacy. Likely to be a first adopter on new tech.
Uncomfortable – Low level attitude, High level of literacy. Concerned about “too much” tech.
Insecure – Low level attitude, Low level of literacy. Distrusts technology will use bare minimum.