Solution Services: Hardware 4 Life

More Than Your IT Company

WE RECOGNIZE the financial constraints many of our clients are experiencing and want to make sure you are aware of the variety of financial solutions we offer to help you maximize cash flow—and allow you to allocate your financial resources where they’re needed most!

What if you could integrate the latest technologies every 3 years and have it maintained without the upfront financial burden of purchasing brand new equipment?

With our Hardware 4 Life Program, you have one fixed investment and a total IT solution that is fully supported

Here’s why clients use our program:

Improved Network Security

Outdated hardware and software leaves you open to security threats and downtimes. Updated hardware help secure your practice vulnerabilities, limits your risk, and increases productivity.


We’ll bring your technology environment up-to-date, and keep it top-notch with regular audits. When your technology needs updating, usually around the third year, we’ll do a refresh without a major impact to your monthly spend.

Predictable Budget

Every month, you can expect a fixed monthly spend for your technology and support. No hidden extras.

Why Consume Technology on a Monthly Plan?

Technology is one of the fastest changing industries in the world; it seems like everyday there is “something new.” Think about it in terms of cell phone technology. In 1984, the first cell phone offered could do one thing: make phone calls. Then came the exponential growth. A short 25 years later the first iPhone was released, allowing owners to make calls, check their email, browse the web, and download and listen to music.

The same this is happening to the technology in your business today. Each year, the technology gets better, faster, and more secure. Sunset understands this is one of the highest cost for a business, but also one of the greatest budget concerns. Unfortunately, this creates a situation where the business chooses to hold on to the equipment longer than the recommended time frame.

It Works, Why Should I Buy New?

This is a valid question, and since your expertise is in dental not technology, the question makes sense. Let us make it simple, using technology past the recommended time frame opens your business up to:

  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Decreased efficiency and productivity (which is not usually noticed over time)
  • Creates frustration for slow or non-working devices
  • Increases the chance of cyber attacks

All your devices, one monthly payment

One Invoice
Receive just one
invoice for all your
technology and

Tech Refresh
Keep your technology
up-to-date with
regular refreshes.

Rely on a fixed
monthly spend for
your technology and

Preserve Cash
Use your cash for
activities that will
drive value back into
your business.

Pitfalls of Running Old Technology

Pitfall #1:
Cybersecurity Threats

According to CNBC, 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses, and only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. Even a single outdated device, like a printer, PC, or laptop can be the vulnerability hackers need to access and take down or hold hostage your systems.

Pitfall #2:
Decreased Productivity

As equipment ages, it becomes more of a liability than an asset. Here’s why:

  • The user spends increased time waiting for certain programs to load or perform.
  • The time normally spent on completing tasks is replaced with service calls to repair the technology.
  • There is less flexibility when it comes to accessing integrations and applications, creating a less efficient path from Point A to Point B.

Pitfall #3:
Higher Costs

The costs associated with maintaining legacy technology and software are prohibitive. It is inevitable that as your technology ages, it will fail. You could spend more on service tickets than the cost to simply update your system.

Benefits of Hardware 4 Life

Preserve Cash

Cash is King; it can be used to reinvest in your business, save for future spends, or used for payroll.

Predictable Technology Budget

A monthly payment makes it easy to plan. How can you foresee what your next technology need will be?

Technology Roadmap

Know when you’re getting new equipment without the worry of how to pay for it.

Sunset Warranty

Worried about equipment breaking? Rest Assured; Sunset will fix or self-warranty the devices in case of equipment failure.


Things change; H4L allowsyou to stay nimble. Sunset will workwith you to help you manage these potential changes.

Convenience & Customization

H4L requires very little effort on your part, and Sunset can customize the solution to your needs.

OpEx vs CapEx

Taxes can be baffling. Our Team is here to help; there are many misconceptions about how this program may effect potential tax benefits.

We Go Beyond IT.

We do whatever we can to make sure our clients are Rest Assured.