Did you know that your data can be compromised?

Did you know that your data can be compromised?

Hackers have become more sophisticated, and technology has advanced resulting in an increased level of vulnerability to your network. Sunset Technologies is committed to staying ahead of the curve and keeping your data safe. They are also focused on staying compliant with the changes in the laws.

Outlined below is a recent customer case study involving an infection and how Sunset Technologies partnered with the dental office to keep their data safe and get them up and running.

Sunset Case Study

Sunset Technologies was notified, via phone, at approximately 8am that the clinic’s system was infected with a “Win32/TrojanDropper.Small.NMM Trojan” ransomware that Sunset Technologies had never seen or dealt with before. This particular infection not only encrypted files on their server, but also spread to every computer on their network. It was 35 minutes from the time Sunset received the notification call to the time they stepped on site.

The virus infected a total of 16 workstations plus the server, which was the entire clinic. By 9am, a plan was created with a goal to have the office fully functioning by the next morning. The Sunset Technologies team was successful in exceeding their goal due to the following process.

Sunset’s Response:


  • Lead Resource – assigned
  • First response team – formed by lead
  • Engineering – assigned
  • Command Center – assigned
  • On-site resource – assigned


  • Sunset provided a loaner server to the clinic.
  • The Engineering team restored the most recent backup data from the local device to the loaner server.
  • As the backup exported to a virtual machine format, the server then started up in its virtual format seamlessly.

The conventional process would typically take more than one day; this process allowed Sunset to get the server up and running within 5 hours.


Sunset Technologies re-imaged all of the computers. To expedite the imaging process, Implementations deployed an imaging server with a pre-configured Windows 7 image. This allowed them to reimage all 16 workstations in less than 45 minutes.

Once the server was up, they were able to get the computers joined to the domain and move forward with installing and configuring software. Prior to leaving the site at 5pm, all computers were able to access Dentrix and Dexis. In the evening, they spent several hours configuring the software to get the workstations as close to their original state, prior to the infection, as possible.

Sunset spent the following morning at the Clinic working with the staff to address any questions and make any changes necessary.

The conventional process would have taken two to five hours per computer, be the image server allowed Sunset to cut this time down to 30-35 minutes per computer.

Recover Timeline

Item Sunset time to respond/recover “Market” time to respond/recover
Phone call Immediate One hour up to one day
Diagnosis Less than 1 hour One day up to one week
Server repaired and back online 5 hours Two days up to over a week
16 Workstations repaired and back online 8-9 hours total Two days up to over a week
Resources Pre-defined BDR team deployed, assisted by an Engineering team Support Techs
Media Message to Sunset Technologies clients was compiled and delivered to prevent a disaster from spreading Unknown

Cost savings:

Daily average production for this clinic – $10,000

Saved days (Sunset vs Conventional) – 5 Dys

*Estimated Savings – $50,000

*This estimate does not include other internal variables that could drive the savings number higher

Unfortunately, as hackers become more sophisticated, situations such as these happen more and more often. Let Sunset Technologies help you to minimize your risk through these tactics:

  • Monitor the health of your network
  • Qualified technicians are available around the clock for any problems that may arise
  • Continuously monitor and manage your server and workstations to ensure minimal disturbances
  • Scheduled reviews to discuss changes in technology and security
  • Disaster recovery plan in the event of a data loss or breach
  • Insurance coverage in the event of a data breach

Sunset Technologies does not sleep; they continue to protect your data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Sunset’s knowledgable employees can help you when you need it the most. Their support lines are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sunset Technologies knows what to do and how to handle situations such as these to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. Your company is important to you and to us, let us help keep it protected.

“REST ASSURED” with Sunset Technologies.

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