Sunset C-19 Clinic Process Overview

Re-opening Your Clinics

C-19 Clinic Process Overview

It appears that across the country a number of state governors are declaring that elective procedures for dental are back on the table.  One key to each state is that you need to have a documented plan that is focused on keeping your team and your patients safe.  In a previous communication we shared a draft plan that one of our customers had put together.  We made some modifications to it and we have posted the six-page document here for your use.  The states (Boards of Dentistry) are also providing draft plans.


Whatever path you take based on the latest information, we are at the cusp of starting to get back to business.  Please don’t let fear or doubt win the day.  I was speaking to a few dentists this week and there was one point that really hit me.  While we all are facing a new set of circumstances, there is a lot that will be the same.  For example, one dentist commented that even the updated clinical protocols are based in “universal protocols” that you all have been using for a long time.  OSHA is OSHA, and those items have not changed.  HIPAA is actually relaxed a bit right now, especially for Teledentistry.  I think that can be a helpful message to the teams.  Each person may have fears and those fears can create doubts.  If we can help with what is still familiar, everyone (staff and patients and you) will have a better experience.  Rest Assured, we are here to support you!



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